The Best Way to Keep your Kids Safe

Online Monitoring System

Simply install the Kids-Protect Android Monitoring software into your kids’ phone, connect to your Control Panel and you will be able to supervise all their activities:

  • Phone Tracking & GPS Live Location
  • Calls logs & Recordings
  • All Social Media Chats & Audio
  • Social Media Alerts
  • Videos Folders & Pictures Access
  • Internet History & Apps Blocker
  • Live Screens & Videos Capture
  • Full Remote Commands

Kids-Protect contributes to children’s safety in an increasing digital world.

The Kids-Protect Control Panel will show you the latest activities and the live GPS location of your child’s phone. You can access it from everywhere and from every phone or computer. Monitor and keep your kids safe from any potential danger.

Why today’s parents need to protect their kids online?

(Official research combined in US, UK and Europe about children between 8 and 17 years old)


45% of teenagers experienced cyberbullying directly or as a witness.

Unwanted Contact & Grooming

About 20% of online kids receive unwanted online solicitations.

Depression & Anxiety

Over 40% of teenagers show signs of depression and/or anxiety.

Drugs & Alcohol

60% of teenagers are involved in drugs or alcohol suggestions.

Inappropriate Content

More than 55% of teens have seen online images of nudity or inappropriate content on internet.

Internet Privacy Issues

39% of teenagers mistakenly think that their online activity is private.

Join more than 140,000 parents who already protected their children with Kids-Protect monitoring services

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Kids-Protect is not only a Parental Control App, it is a
Complete Monitoring Software.

Our software is powerful and independent; you cannot find it like regular public apps on Google Play because it requires full user permission and it can take control of someone’s mobile phone. That is why we offer our technology to digital parents who have rights to monitor their kids.

Start Protecting & Monitoring your Kid in 3 Easy Steps


Select a Kids-Protect Plan


Install the software on the targeted Android Phone


Log into your Kids-Protect Online Control Panel & Start Monitoring Instantly

Select the best Kids-Protect Plan & Start Monitoring your Kids Today

Kids-Protect Software Installation: Our support team install the app for you remotely, simply get physical access to the android phone you want to monitor

RNA Innovations – Protecting your future

Our company RNA Ltd is constantly developing and improving our innovative products such as Kids-Protect, our R&D department is currently developing new applications implying pattern recognition based on phone activity, analyzing kids and teenagers’ behavior, keywords and messages history in order to automatically identify and prevent potential danger or bad events that might occur.


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